Hello and thanks for visiting Mini Maclean. June 2013 and it's slowly growing into a thriving little town.




Show Day...! Click picture for more photo's.


My fathers day present. A few street views and my boys having a little fun with a few buildings.




Home Timber & Hardware.

More detail photo's click here.

Real Estate & Clothing Shop.

Coffee Shop.

NAB Bank.

Harvey Norman.


Cloths and Computer shop.

Originally Mackellys a famous clothing shop.


Fish and Chip & Gift Shop.

Original Bank Building.

Ace Variety.

Commonwealth Bank Building. This was a surprisingly quick build once I had all the brick profile bricks.



Something a little different. All building together in storage, some work in progress of Blairs Building, Photographing the builds and I had a chance to display my Technic collection in the Toyshop front window.



Real Estate & Cafe'


Cornflower Cottage Originally the site of a hardware and furniture business built by Dugald Macdonald in 1889. This remained a Macdonald family business until the death of Dugald’s only child Lachlan in 1942.


Employment agency,




On Wednesday the 31st July The Clarence Valley Review ran an article about Mini Maclean and the Lego Users Group.

Exciting news, 'Mini Maclean' is now being showcased in the Front window of Toyworld Maclean. Brad and I headed down on Saturday and helped setup all the buildings we have so far. We added a few roads, cars and people for a bit more realistic look. Thanks Boyd!






























'During construction, I try to match original building colours as much as I can. But sometimes I don't have enough pieces in a certain colours hence why you might notice some colour differences'

















































'Come and see 'Mini Maclean' at Gulmarrad Family Festival the 19th of  October'


































































'Design and constructing the buildings takes place on a daily bases with some buildings taking only a few days to complete and others taking weeks to construct.'































If you'd like to see some more Lego creations be sure to check my other site

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Former Bank is currently a Solicitors and offices. This was the most difficult build so far due to it's arches. But a nice out come in the end with a great looking building.



Built 1878 is one of the oldest structures in Maclean.


Motor Cycle and Garage Works building. Now houses a bait and tackle shop/music shop and hairdresser. I started with all red bricks but it looked like a KFC so I managed to scrape together some sand red bricks and thought why not set it up with a painter to make it look like it's getting painted the original colours. Looks really good and is now my favourite building. (think I'm going to say this after every build now!)



Built 1922 and operated for more than 50 years as a Garage.


Westpac Bank is to date my best build in regards to colour and architecture matching.

Another working ATM and deposit draw.

If you can help with info on the history of this building? Please contact me on handyman@macleannsw.com


Birdscage clothes shop & Hair Dresser building. Surprisingly a difficult build due to the roof facade.

Built 1920's operated as a Jewellers.


Newsagent, simple little building with an interesting angled wall and window.

Built 1912 and has operated as a newsagent ever since.


BCU Bank building was another great little build. A working ATM! (well Lego money can come out it!)



If you can help with info on the history of this building? Please contact me on handyman@macleannsw.com


On The Bite was a great building to copy. I've had to order some bricks from bricklink to finish and I'll upload a photo ASAP.



The building on this site was commissioned in 1932 by the local chemist, Mr Norm Kibble. After 56 years in the business the Kibbles retired. Mr Kibble was one of the longest serving businessmen in Maclean.


Wow, so after seeing my little display in Toyworld a reporter from The Daily Examiner has called me and wants to do an interview about my little buildings. Unfortunately I was very busy tiling and couldn't get in for a photo. To my amazement it made the front page and even featured a heap of comparison photo's on the inside. Daily Examiner article



I sent Boyd at Toyworld Maclean an email after seeing the LDD he had created of his shop. I had been building his shop only a few weeks earlier and thought it was a great time to show him.
Boyd invited me to display the buildings in the shop. So here they are!
Boyd's fantastic Winter scene looks amazing too!


Finally had a chance to put all the buildings together for a photo shoot. Looks good with roads just needs a few minifigures and cars to give it some zing. Running out of big pieces now so not sure how many buildings I'll be able to make.  




LJHooker building was a great little build. I have prepared for an interior but haven't had the time to finalise it.



If you can help with info on the history of this building? Please contact me on handyman@macleannsw.com


Toyworld famous for it's gum ball machine which proudly stands out the front each and everyday. Funnily enough I haven't gotten around to building one as yet. I didn't have enough Tan plates (colour of the top half) so I went with white and this building came together in just a few hours. Had good fun with window displays and interior on this one.

More photo's of the Toyworld

If you can help with info on the history of this building? Please contact me on handyman@macleannsw.com


Palace Arcade is famous for being a picture theatre back in it's day this old building has some great Art Deco features  which aren't that easy in Lego.

More photo's of the Palace Arcade

Constructed in the late C1930's this historical building is remembered by many locals as the old movie theatre.


Maclean Hotel my second building and I tried my hands at an interior on this one with a snooker table, Bar and Keg Room. No basement in my Lego version so the keg room is upstairs.
My reference photo I found on the net shows the pub in white hence why mine is white.

More Photo's of Maclean Hotel

The Hotel was originally built in 1863 and re-built in its current form in 1905.


The beginning of my home town Maclean. I decided after seeing a few other Eurobricker's towns that it was time to start one myself. But not wanting to just do 'same old, same old' I decided to replicate my home town of Maclean New South Wales, Australia. This is my first building SPAR supermarket. 


Grocery Store as early as 1883. It is considered to be the longest continually running Grocery Store in Australia.

In 1898 then owner E. Bishop introduced the first cash register to the town creating much excitement and interest.


History source 'Maclean Heritage Trail'


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