The Brick Garage

     Sick of having to pack away our lego trains after every play session I decided something had to be done. Not to mention the sore backs and knees and then in winter you freeze sitting on the floor.

We had to come up with a solution and after a few quotes for a large shed and a rather large quote on a spanline addition we decided to renovate our existing garage.

We started filling up the walls with large narrow shelving ready for all our trucks, cars and helicopters to sit on display and have easy access for play time.

Next task was to design and instal a liftable table. Why liftable? Well we have a pretty new car and in our climate hail storms are frequant during summer and we get frosts during winter so houseing the car is essential.

Having seen a small table on Better Homes and Garden being lifted with a few pulleys and a boat winch I thought we could do a similar thing. But I wanted a big table and I mean as BIG as possible within the garage. So a hand winch was never going to do it. After a little research I found a website where someone had built a lifting system for his box trailer. Click Here to see it. I used a similar concept with our table.


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