I love making bags. I try to make them all different from each other.

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On the following pages there are pictures of all my bags. If you hold your mouse pointer over a bag you will see that bag's name and you can click to get more details.

To purchase a bag you will need to click on the Purchase link and an email will open with the bag number already in the Subject box. When I get your message I will reply with instructions on how you can pay for the Bag.

I can make a bag to your requirements. I have a lot of different fabrics in my collection and I visit shops all over as my husband and I travel around. I look for anything unusual, fabrics with prints that I think would look good in one of my bags.

Another option is to have a bag with a picture printed on the front. The picture would printed on calico and heat set so that it will not wash out. The picture could be one that you have taken with your digital camera, maybe of your home or pet/s, it could be children or grown ups, how about a picture of your motorhome or caravan.

If you would like me to make a particular bag then please send me an email about it. I will answer promptly and let you know if it's possible and how much it would cost.

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