About Myra's Appliqué - the easier way project

Who is Myra?

Hello, I am Myra James and I love sewing things, especially things with a story.

My interest in appliqué started with patchwork quilting and I made hundreds of different quilts. At first they were usable quilts for family and friends, and I entered some successfully in competitions.

I found that I mostly enjoyed it when the quilt had a connection with the recipient. This led me to making wall hanging quilts, my first one told the story of my husband and I moving to the North Coast of NSW . I made many more story quilts and along the way I discovered appliqué as a great way to make a picture.

An easier way

There are lots of appliqué the easy way systems around and they are all very similar. We feel that this project offers an easier way to do appliqué.

 The fiddly job of transcribing the shapes onto fusible webbing has been removed. Now you can jump straight into the job as the fusible webbing is supplied with the kits and the shapes are already marked on it.

And there's more, each part is numbered in the order it is best fitted. Just start by placing piece 1, then piece 2 and so on.



A joint project

We love the town we live in, it has a great heritage and there are more than the usual number of old buildings still in use.

This project is my current interest, it fulfils my need to sew and my interest in my home town.

After a number of requests I have developed a way to make it easier  for people to make their own quilted wall hanging.

My husband is great with a computer and he has helped bring my ideas together and we now have this block by block project to offer interested people.

Where can you see it?

This project is still being developed and tested and as yet it is only available in my local fabric shop - this is the only place that has the kits where you can open one up and see what's in it.

The shop I love most is Sew Excited in Maclean NSW, it is owned and operated by Nell Matheson. When Nell first saw the Maclean the Village wall hanging she helped and encouraged me to make it available to her customers.

Of course there are pictures and descriptions of the contents of the kits on the website - click the KITS link here or on the navigation areas


The Wall Hanging

Maclean the Village is the first set of blocks in the Appliqué the Easier Way series.

A series of 10 blocks celebrating the heritage of the village of Maclean NSW.

9 of the blocks depict one of the old buildings still in use today.

Block 10 has the quilting and assembly details.

Purchasing the Blocks

If you cannot get to Sew Excited then the other way to get the Maclean the Village blocks is to use the BUY link here on the navigation areas.